How Weapon and Ammo Shortages Will Affect Preppers

The current weapon and rounds shortages coming from Leader Obama’s declaring war on the 2nd Change might actually turn out to be an opportunity for Preppers and survivalists for many reasons.

It’s a major tenet of preppers and survivalists to be ingenious and turn perceived problems Wholesale Ammunition supplier into opportunities, and this current development with the offered new weapon laws is just such a problem.

This is not the first time that we’ve had a major school shooting cause a bunch of insincere, opportunistic people in politics to attempt to exploit the situation for political gain. Remember the federal assault weaponry ban? It expired after 10 years. Remember when Leader George L. W. Plant banned the importance of assault weaponry in 1990.

The upshot (forgive the pun) of all this is that we’ve been here before and the it’s likely that against anything really adhering for good. In just a month after Leader Obama signalled which he would definitely use his powers as Leader to issue Executive Orders to enact some weapon control, the NRA increased its membership by a district million people.

Weapon control is just too a lot of a hot button issue for too many people for any real, meaningful measures to ever to get after dark House of Representatives. However, what this concern and the debate does have a successful capability to do is to cause visitors to rush out and get up guns and rounds.

Both weapon shortages and rounds shortages demonstrate that the people want to be able to defend themselves and this is actually a selling opportunity for those who have stockpiled supplies.

Now I realize that it is blasphemy to suggest any prepper or survivalist would ever spend the his guns and rounds. However, considering how much you really need and how much you have, you may want to think about selling some now, when it can command a higher price due to the shortages, and resupplying once sanity is reconditioned.

Yes, that means you are taking a chance that you might pass up if real weapon control measures make resupplying impossible down the road. But you don’t think that may happen? And you don’t think that you need thousands of times of rounds?

The conventional infantry gift has a combat load of well under one thousand times. And if there is some sort of societal failure, you’ll want to be avoiding gunfights without exceptions, so you may have more rounds than you really need.

An added factor is how much food and water is purified supplies you have stored up. These could be more of a priority but you’ve been waiting before you had more money to beef up your supplies. The answer to your money problems may have just come with the rounds shortages.

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